About Us

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Leeds TV is a fully independent television station founded in 2010 and have a unique and strategic platform that offers seamless transition from citizen journalists, media partners, diverse communities and businesses.

We have recently entered into partnership with Information TV on Sky and are now broadcasting our programmes on Sky Channel 192 every Wednesday , Friday and Monday. If you are a community group or organisation, please feel free to send in any video clips and content to Leeds TV. You can see our contact details under the Contact Us page on this website. We offer affordable airtime slots to groups and communities in Leeds.

Performing artists and musicians in the Leeds area who wish to send in content to us here at Leeds TV can do so absolutely free.

It has been described by viewers as a welcome breath of fresh air and an exciting project with a focus on diverse communities within the city. We place a strong emphasis on local issues, talent and business needs.

Our TV station is not just about news, views and entertainment but also about meeting the needs of the community at large. Lively debate is a certainty on our programmes and there will be no shortage of topics to be explored. We take great pride in being a forum for those living or working in the city or even those with a connection to Leeds through family or friends.

On the political front there will be a platform for all of our local councillors, MPs and MEPs.

Our content is up-to-the-minute, engaging and contains something for everyone. Our programmes cover everything from cooking to drama, as well as fashion, short films and sports. We are also in the process of producing travel, gardening and game shows.

Leeds Television Ltd is  the predominant company to deliver local television to the big screens in Leeds. We aim to develop raw talent and foster entrepreneurial spirit in the city in addition to creating jobs. 

But have we missed anything? Please get in touch to give us feedback on the kind of programming you would like to see us develop. Are there any pressing issues or concerns within your community that you would like us to explore in further detail? If so, then we are only an email or phone call away.

For any suggestions/comments or enquiries, you can contact Timi Korus, the director and founder of Leeds Television, directly on:

timi.korus@leedstelevision.co.uk .       

"Operations such as Leeds TV are already producing professional content, and reckon they can leap from the internet into broadcast"....TheARegister: